5 FAQs About Post Natal Massage

pregnant woman

Being a mother changes the life of women forever as it is the start of a whole new mother-baby relationship and a different chapter of life. After the birth of the baby, the mother’s body does not recover to the pre-pregnancy state quickly, and it takes massage time.

Women who have just delivered a baby are strongly advised to go for a post natal massage. The post natal massage alleviates pain and soreness that the women might be feeling after giving birth. It swiftly aids the body in recovering the pre-baby state. The primary focus of the postnatal massage is women’s quick body recovery through comfortable and relaxing techniques of postnatal massage. A postnatal massage offers different benefits to the women. Some of them are listed below:

  • Relaxed body with reduced stress
  • Increased regulation of hormones
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved breastfeeding
  • Decreased swelling

Besides the benefits that come with these massage sessions, here is a list of some of common concerns regarding postnatal massage. Have a look.

1. What is a postnatal massage?

Postnatal massage is a consolidation between the methods of Lymphatic Drainage and Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. The postnatal massage is carefully designed to cater all the requirements and concerns of a new mother.

2. What is the position of lying during the postnatal massage?

It all depends on upon your comfort and satisfaction. Mostly the position during a postpartum period is selected by the type of birth you have given. Almost all the positions are safe but they will be adjusted upon your request because you are the one who should be comfortable. Side-lying and lying with your face down are the most common lying positions used in postnatal massage.

3. How soon should you start the postnatal massage?

If you have given a birth normally without any complexity, a massage treatment should be started whenever you feel ready. Although, if the baby is delivered through a C-Section than you have to wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks for the tissues of scars to heal properly.

baby feet4. Which oils are used in postnatal massage?

Grape-seed oil is the most commonly used oil during the postnatal massage. However, make sure that there is not any essential oil mixed with the grapeseed oil because the essential oils are full of chemicals and are not suggested to use during a pre-natal massage.

5. Is the postnatal massage painful?

The post natal massage like other messages is not painful at all, but the areas with rashes and irritation might feel sore the next day. However, you can always tell the massage therapist to keep the pressure light and agile or profound and strong where needed.