Understanding the different types of pillows

Cradle Pillow 2

Pillows come in different types and designs. The common type of pillow that many people know is the neck pillow. However, there are other types of pillows available today. The role of pillows is to offer support and comfort. If you want to enhance comfort in your daily life, then you should understand the different types of pillows and how each of them used.

Types of pillows and their uses

Cradle Pillow

A cradle pillow is also known as a travel pillow, and it is theCradle Pillow best accessory for frequent travelers. This type of pillows offers comfort for people who are always on the move and sometimes sleep in a sitting or reclined position. The role of a cradle people is to distribute weight evenly on the neck and spine. It offers comfort even in a sitting position and prevents pressure on the spine. A cradle pillow is also good in reducing snoring.

Neck pillows

Just like the name suggests neck pillows are used to offer support to the neck while sleeping. Neck pillows come in various shapes and sizes. When it comes to neck pillows, the choices are limitless, and it all comes down to your personal preference. The type of neck pillow that you choose might also be influenced by other factors like the body weight, sleeping position and also the material of the pillow.

Ergonomic pillows

Ergonomic pillows are usually recommended to patients with back pain to offer comfort for people with severe neck pain. An ergonomic pillow takes the shape of the pillow. The middle part of the pillow is lower than the sides. The main aim of an ergonomic pillow is to ease neck pain by offering support to the neck and head.

Cervical rollswoman sleeping pillows

Cervical rolls pillows have a variety of uses depending on personal needs. Just like the name suggest they look like rolls and they can be used for different purposes. You can put a cervical pillow beneath your neck for additional support or behind your back to ease back pain. A cervical roll people with the most versatile type of pillow available.

Traditional pillows

The traditional pillows are the pillows that you find in your local store every day. These pillows can be used in the home by anyone, and they are not for any particular condition.