Top Sources Of Proteins You Should Know


Human beings just like other living beings must eat to remain healthy. Eating healthy meals is crucial not only to survive but to live a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists advise that the three most important types of diets one must have include proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. For today, we will put out focus on the protein diets and their sources.

Sources of protein you should know


fish Meat is a broad category that provides a rich source of protein. The history of eating meat dates back to the time people started hunting. Back then, this was food to sustain the life. Fast forward to today, people eat meat to as a source of the body building nutrients. Common meats include;

  • Beef – it is rich in protein as well we other nutrients like iron.
  • Pork – it is a reliable source of protein with branched amino acids which aid in muscle recovery.
  • Poultry – chicken, turkey and other birds provide lean protein that helps to build, repair and maintain body cells
  • Fish and seafood – they provide low-fat proteins and omega three fatty acids for a healthy brain and overall body cells.

Animal products

The list is long when it comes to animal products. Whether you opt for fresh products like milk and eggs, or processed ones like yogurt, ghee or butter, they all have protein in abundance. If on the off chance, one is looking a rich source of protein, eggs from poultry and other birds like quail eggs are the best to choose.

Beans and pulses

holding Beans and pulsesThey provide high-quality protein. Furthermore, the researchers indicate that the protein content in these products is more nutritious that the meat per equal measure. Some of the bean products in red beans, kidney beans, soy beans and lentils among others. Apart from the proteins, they are also good sources of fiber which helps to keep the intestines clean and prevent various diseases like cancer. As an advice, it is crucial to have assorted beans products on the plate to get all the essential amino acids they have.


Various types of nuts like peanut, cashew nuts, pistachio and almonds just to mention but a few, are very rich in protein. People usually shy off to use the nuts in abundance perhaps because they are rare to get. They also contain essential oils which make the protein in them more useful to the body. People with interest to get lean body should take more on nutty proteins.